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31 Jul 2011

OAE Week

We are off down to Exeter for a week of Baroque music making with OAE. Also next year (feb/mar) we will be their "Youth Ambassadors". hopefully we will be clearer what that means when the time comes but for now we are content for it to sound very important and exciting!

30 Jul 2011

A rather noisy moth that was keeping me awake last night

TAXI to Djaly Kunda

We had planned to be running a tour of "TAXI to Djaly Kunda" around Somerset and Devon via the Rural Touring Scheme and other similar organisations. Unfortunately they are unable to support the usual number of performances and even less take any risks on new acts. We will probably have to wait until the new year and re-apply.

22 Jul 2011


Just returned from the Forkbeard summer-school! had the most fantastic time. there is surely no end to their enthusiasm for life and creating and new ideas! we just have to hope they find a way to continue it next year without they're usual funding.

15 Jul 2011

Finished a new Song!

The "Velvet Tongued Man" is now basically composed we just need to make the final touches and practice it until we can't stand it any more (well.. at least until we can play it right) and then it can become officially part of the set!

14 Jul 2011


Just laying down a third track for our new CD! it should be ready by the end of this year, hopefully sooner. Interstingly, recording and producing a CD is a bit like building a house; It always costs more than you want and always takes longer than you predict. on the other hand it is also really really fun and you learn an incredible amount in the process.
life is, on the whole, good.

11 Jul 2011

Aylesbury Festival

we are looking forward to be playing at Aylesbury Festival on Saturday 16th - July.

10 Jul 2011

World Stage Festival

Had a great time playing up in Colston Hall Foyer at the World Stage Festival. thanks to everyone who came.

9 Jul 2011

Ways With Words

Had a great time down at Dartington last night. the Ways with words Festival was really lovely.
Thanks to Kay for inviting us to play and setting up the whole event.

7 Jul 2011

Ways With Words - google event tomorrow

We are very excited to be playing at Dartington for the Google event - Ways With Words.

5 Jul 2011

Interesting Times

It really opens your mind to look at what you do from a new angle sometimes. We are currently devising visuals to music and it is letting us listen with much fewer preconceptions to our music.
We will certainly be doing this again!

3 Jul 2011

creative trials

we are currently walking that fine edge between the "too obvious" and the "too obscure" - such is the choice that defines each of us creatively!
balance in everything...

By The Way

you can always listen free to a few of our tracks on our myspace