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25 Aug 2011

Life after the summer

Just recovering after a Very active summer. We had so many amazing courses/festivals so close together but it is nice to be back and recovering. Next up is a few days of recording which will be very relaxing compared to the last few weeks of playing and learning. Also on the agenda is a music video which is a whole new world for us to explore.

7 Aug 2011

Tribe of Doris

Off tomorrow to the Tribe of Doris! last one ever. Sadly we will be unable to be there till the end because of our gig up at Summer Sundae. What hell it is - to have to go to all these exciting festivals!

6 Aug 2011

Phrased and Confused

We will be Playing on the "Phrased and Confused" stage at "Summer Sundae" festival in Leicester on August 13th. You check out a track (Snowfall) here: Ben & Alfie - Snowfall.
We will also be working with some other artists and playing as supporting musicians over the weekend.

5 Aug 2011

Return from OAE

What a week! Working with such an inventive and exciting group of teachers. apart from plenty of composing and Mozart we were let loose doing some workshop leading. An enormous thankyou to Cherry, James and Jesse!