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3 Oct 2011

Henry VIII and the patient art of technology

Shot from filming session

The Film is coming on nicely! There is the occasional frustrated groan from my direction as the "superheated" computer struggles to navigate a tricky bit of rendering but, all in all, progress is good.

Video editing is certainly teaching me patience though - something I am badly in need of sometimes. So whenever I'm feeling really frustrated by the process, I just have to think of it as some kind of self improvement program. If I take it too far though I do have to nurse my laptop back to life. The patient doctor relationship is a useful one to have with a computer since it prevents the urge to put your hand through the screen (most of the time).

It has got me thinking about the way we get impatient with the most ridiculous things these days. Henry VIII lived back in the time when it might have taken an hour to walk to the local shop! The pace of life was slower and we were used to it. Getting a piece of video working properly at home on your laptop would have taken A LONG TIME! (about 500 years in fact)

The patient art of technology is a tricky one to master - to learn an entirely new and unconnected skill for the extraordinary power that it provides.
We really do suffer for our technology. The arty bit is the fun part!



  1. It's just as well that MUSIC is such immediate good fun, eh - part of the reason for doing it? Technology is a great tool but music is the real deal.... Really looking forward to seeing this though. Hope the laptop doesn't melt.

  2. NAIL ON HEAD! i think - actually i quite enjoy the techi bits when they work but i do have a short fuse with things that don't work :)