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16 Nov 2011

Ben & Alfie
TAXI to Djaly Kunda

A journey in music and words across the Senegalese City of Ziguinchor

"Infectious music; witty, evocative lyrics which transport their audience 
to different worlds and tackle big questions."
Sue Charman, Director, West Country Story Telling Festival. 

Nurtured by Nature - Wellington
Fri 16th Dec - 7:30 pm

Bishops Hull Church Hall - Taunton
Sat 17th Dec - 7:30 pm

Victoria Rooms - Milverton
Mon 19th Dec - 7:30 pm

Tickets £5

For more Information & Bookings contact Ben & Alfie on
benandalfie@aol.com  –  01984 629 070

2 Nov 2011

Cockington Complex

Alfie and I were lucky enough to be part of a beatiful little tour of Cockington Court (Torquay) called the Cockington Complex. It starred the enigmatic Geo Trio (Hugh Nankivell, Tony Lidington, Phil Smith) and we were "Novice A and Novice B". The tour featured pieces of factual history and parts of mythical - not-quite-so-factual-history.

You can listen to the tour on the  
please do take a listen since it translates very nicely into podcast form!