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20 Mar 2012

On Tour With an Olympic Orchestra

Alfie and I are currently on tour with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, visiting schools and helping out in workshops. Today is the 2nd day of our journey from Plymouth to York. On the way we will be performing with 5000 school children at 10 different venues and sleeping in very fancy hotels each night.

Today we did our first foyer performance of our rather unorthodox version of music from Purcell's "Dioclesian". The original music is slow and beautiful and a true tribute to the fact that a well crafted canon is more than the sum of it's parts. We have of course increased the riffage content by 100% (a technical term describing the quantity of riff per given length of music) and invented some downright rude variations and deviations on this solemn masterpiece.

...But but what do you expect to happen if you combine two bad improvisational influences (namely Ben & Alfie) with an over energetic violinist and a Baroque harpsichordist with a jazz complex?!

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