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15 Nov 2012

Ben & Alfie at the Royal Albert Hall

We are having a very exciting month this November!

Photo Credit: Richard Johnson
On Monday (12/11/12) we performed at the Royal Albert Hall. It was a pretty spectacular night with many top quality performances from young orchestras and ensembles. As a duo we were the smallest group to perform over the three days of the Schools Prom but there was a great variety of different styles from Big Band to String Quartet and a Jazz Quintet.

It was the first time we had ever been to the Royal Albert Hall and we were really struck by it’s unique character. Somehow this amazing and, lets face it, enormous space managed to capture equal parts of magnificence and intimacy that we have never experienced before in a venue.

We now have a little performers page on Classic FM with Photos and even an interview!


  1. Wow - fantastic! I discovered you both at Milverton music a few months ago, of course your great reputation preceded you :)

  2. A brilliant performance on the night guys. I love the material you've written yourself. Keep up the good work.