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3 May 2013

27 Years

While it might have been artistically intriguing and in some strange way even satisfying, we are pleased to say this post is not entitled 27 Years because the song took that long to write or that long to make the video!
No Measure - Ben & Alfie

Here it actually refers to the 27 year long prison sentence of the wrongly convicted Sean Hodgson. There is a very moving article about the days after he was released entitled "Freedom? It's lonely" on the guardian website - www.guardian.co.uk - which is quite shocking and definitely worth a read.
Sean died last October, 3 years after he was released at the age of 59.

The song is based around our impression of the story after we read it in the paper a couple of years ago and is on our new album "No Measure".

For more information about the song and lyrics visit our bandcamp page. You can also download the track from iTunes or bandcamp!
No Measure - Ben & Alfie