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Ben & Alfie

Hello, thanks for visiting our Blog!

We are Ben & Alfie

We have been playing music since we were 4 years old. Music may be too strong a word, but we were at least scraping out something on instruments. When we began to play together we started with what we knew - simple folk tunes, busked on the high-street. With help from those around us we began by arranging simple tunes and eventually, when we couldn’t stand it any longer, we wrote our first piece. At that moment we became “Ben & Alfie” for the first time.

Gradually we wrote more and more of our own music and, a few years later we were no longer arranging folk tunes and had decided, for better or worse, that writing our own music was the way we wanted to go. We didn’t stop until we spent two years as specialist musicians at Wells Cathedral School. When we left however, we found our selves able to play and write with all of the fun and fiddly bits left in.

Our music took another turn over Christmas and new year of 2008/9. We were invited by the Senegalese musician Seckou Keita to go and live with him in Senegal for two months where we could learn from the “Griot” (West African bloodline of story tellers/musicians/historians). When we returned two months later we were so inspired and full of music that we wrote a performance - more like a piece of theatre than a set of pieces. It is called “TAXI to Djaly Kunda”.

Through writing the poetry and dialogue in “TAXI” we found a new outlet for our creative ideas, through words. Later that year we were asked to write a song each for a project that was to be recorded at Real World Studios. Lyrics were a new challenge for us - one which we had long observed from a safe distance but never dared explore. Now, two years later, we have written little else but songs since that fateful day!


People often describe our music in there own particular way and it is rarely the same as anyone else, or how we imagine it. We suggest you visit the "Listen" section (top left of the page) have a listen, and make up your own mind.

Our training and various strange and wonderful experiences have meant that we have accumulated a great deal of different influences including;
- Western and Eastern Europen Folk
- West African
- Jazz
- Classical
- South American
...Along with our favourite Bands – Elbow, Portico Quartet, Kila, Peter Gabriel, Seckou Keita Quartet etc... (The list is long).


Band Members:
Ben (5-string Violin/vocals/piano) & Alfie (Double bass/vocals/Djembe)

We are based in Southwest UK, near Taunton and you can contact us by email: “benandalfie@aol.com”.