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You can purchase a CD from us by contacting us by email : benandalfie@aol.com
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No Measure - Ben & Alfie

No Measure

Ben & Alfie - No Measure
No Measure - Ben & Alfie

No Measure is our latest album and our first CD to include songs. The Title is inspired by a famous quote by Krishnamurti: "Its no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society" 

TAXI to Djaly Kunda

TAXI to Djaly Kunda - Ben & Alfie
TAXI to Djaly Kunda combines music, dialogue and poetry to record some of our experiences in Senegal. We lived with the "Griot" (the traditional musicians/storytellers of west Africa) for two months, learning about their music, life and culture.
"Join us on a musical journey across the Senegalese City of Ziguinchor" To get hold of a copy just email us or you can download it on iTunes
"Dedicated to Seckou, Chélima, Zacharia, Sadio, Aliou and all the wonderful people who welcomed us into their music and their way of life."



Milestones - Ben & Alfie
Milestones - our 2008 CD. The CD is 14 tracks of original music composed, arranged and performed by us. You can listen to more of our music at CD BABY
You can purchase a CD direct from us by emailing us or from CD BABY. If you would like a CD and your in the UK it's better to get it direct from us as CD BABY is in America - you can save import tax and and a whole load of energy. To do so, contact us by email (see left


  1. heyya what songs are on what albums ?? xx phoebe pace xx

  2. you guys rock alot!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. when is your next album out???

    1. ....Now :) - thanks for the interest.

      Ben & Alfie

  4. Heard Ben and Alfie today at the Salisbury Arts Centre- brilliant unusual and inspiring! Hope you get invited back for an evening Acoustic Cafe Gig! Love the TAXI album and looking forward to the next one. Musically and lyrically brilliant. A great future awaits ! Love and thanks.

    1. Thanks - It was a lovely gig and we hope we will be back too! And thankyu for the feedback - it is always appreciated. The New Album is just out so if you are interest email us and we can sort you a copy or you can download it here - http://benandalfie.bandcamp.com/album/no-measure


      Ben & Alfie

  5. I love one of your songs inparticular I know a few lyrics I wondered if you could identify the song? <3 "Silence paints an image of an ever ringing bell" Please please please tell me! :D Also how come no music on youtube? :o -H

  6. HI There! that is a song called 27 years which you can find along with the rest of the album here - http://benandalfie.bandcamp.com/

    we do have some stuff on youtube actually and a few other people have posted that song in particular. Our channel though is: http://www.youtube.com/user/beni5wolfie

    however we are sorely in need of some decent videos which is something we are attempting to correct at this very moment so watch this space! (or our youtube channel)

    very glad you are enjoying the music :)
    Happy Listening!