WJSWHW swing Deluxe Padded Cotton Hammock Hanging Chair Indoor Outdoor Use Rainbow Multicolor - B07SH7ZLW7

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  • ►UPGRADED CYCLE TIMER: With memory cycle bidirectional cycle timing, can automatically switch.The timer button designed with 3 modes, we can set up the time with 3 / 6 / 12hours according to different growing stages.

  • br>►FULL SPECTRUM LED GROW LIGHT - Full Spectrum Dual Head LED Grow Light includes high quality LED beads(28 red and 14 blue). 3 spectrum switch modes (red, blue, mixed) can meet different stages of plant-growing needs.

  • br>►EFFICIENT RED/BLUE COMBINATION - Blue light help plants with chlorophyll synthesis to intake more energy for better germination, red light contribute to photosynthesis, germination, flowering and results

  • br>►USB CONNECTOR & CLIP DESIGN - This grow light has a USB connector which makes it convenient to connect USB or AC power plug(adapter included) . 2-head light has a 360° flexible goose neck made from quality tubing to keep a fixed position.

  • br>►MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS - It is suitable for florist, gardener, the person who cultivate the vegetables and various flower. And also suitable for indoor pLant seedlings grown in a hydroponic greenhouse at your home or you placed in your office.

  • Description:
    1. Press the power button to turn OM / OFF.
    2. Press the cycle button to adjust the brightness (5 levels).
    3. Press the switch button to select red, blue or red and blue.
    4. Press the time button to set the time. Red indicates a 3-hour timer, blue 6 hours, red and blue 12 hours.
    5. After lighting for 5 hours, please let the light bulb rest for a few minutes, and fill the light 1-3 times a day.
    6. You can use a USB connector to plug into a wall outlet or USB port. (a USB adapter is provided).

    How to set the time?
    1. Short press to start 3H timing function, the indicator flashes once within 5 seconds
    2. Short press twice to enter the 6H timing function, the indicator flashes twice within 5 seconds.
    3. Press the button three times to enter the 12H timing function. The indicator flashes three times within 5 seconds.
    4. Short press four times to cancel the timing function

    Item Type: Plant Growth Light
    Input voltage: 5V
    Rated power: 20W
    Material: ABS + aluminum alloy
    LED package: 5054 dual chip
    LED chip: red: blue = 28:14
    Blue wavelength: 460nm
    Red wavelength: 630nm
    Life: 50,000 hours

    Packing list:
    1xLED growth light
    1x user manual

    WJSWHW swing Deluxe Padded Cotton Hammock Hanging Chair Indoor Outdoor Use Rainbow Multicolor - B07SH7ZLW7

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